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I end this week, disturbed

Apparently I am the doggy door of the viral world.


In case you can’t read that, Backdoor Lala is a Trojan Horse that allows unauthorised access to a compromised¬†computer. In human terms, I am a large wooden implement that is shelved where the sun don’t shine.


So, in the spirit of comraderie, I will give my fellow doomies Viral Names.

Sophie (happy birthday!) is: Spamallam Oafoffikus (BBQ!) Human terms: She is teflon to imaginary big penises, Nigerians, Surrealist poetry and replica watches.

Lucy is: Soft-in-the-head-Ware Fire-Hill (luv U LOL). Human terms: Soft and cuddly up top, raging tornado of fiery spikes elsewhere (that cannot be mounted).

Wow. I think my brain has been compromised by this backdoor business.

— backdoor lalaz