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what i want the day before halloween

1. Christian Dior jewellery by Victoire de Castellane. POA, which means it could cost $1.28, who can say?

2. Adobe CS3 (plus skills magicked into me overnight, it’s Halloween after all, juju is a-flowing)

3. Pegleg picnic jumpers. I often have food ON my belly.

4. A Bouchee chocolate. Duh.

5. Records by Mad Decent. Alright, alright, I’m a musical faddist.

6. An island getaway, pref. sans monkey (sorry Tropix) (I just don’t like animals, don’t take it personal like)

7. A vinyl presser. Apparently these have not been made since the 60s. So I guess the Scratch program with a little microphone would do.

8. A Suzuki GN250. G-a-w-N, it says, do 250km/h. Just try me!