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Charmaine Wilson declared THE ONE!

Spirit whisperer and down-to-earth lady Charmaine Wilson last night scooped the nation’s spookiest tiara, being chosen by the good people of Australia as our most gifted psychic. This was after her rivals, housewife and non-professional psychic Amanda Roussety and spirit speaker and “humble  man” Ezio De Angelis both predicted, in a final, chilling test, that she would.


As a precognitive dreamer myself, I know how hard it can be to grapple with “the other side”. Traffics a bitch, you run into all sorts of people you normally avoid on Facebook, the Grim Reaper’s always hogging the Scrabble board, and the constant wind-chime soundtrack can get a bit tiresome.

Still, when you’ve got the gift, you gotta do what you gotta do.

I wish Churchill had listened when I precognitived World War 2.

Not to mention the shock win of the Logan twins, Big Brother 05.

And the great alfalfa crisis of 1931. IF ONLY WE’D INVESTED IN MUSHROOMS!

So, to be taken seriously in the most serious of arenas, a game show hosted by a Daddo, is no mean feat. Congratulations Charmaine. I knew you could do it. I said, I KNEW!