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i like to offer a nice bouquet of thoughts

free salad lunch = good.

rain and slippery shoes = bad.

up north fang mission = good.

possible swine flu / feeling like crud = bad.

next three mad men episodes (and final gossip girl episode) downloaded and ready for viewing = good.

free food and booze this evening = good.

lots of work to do and still writing this inane post = undecided.

i’m no mathematician but i think that this bouquet is leaning on the side of nice.


tv, how we love thee.

as winter is about to set in, so is our extra layer of fat, our heater and our permanent bum-shaped creases on the couch. please don’t disappoint, tv!

let’s take a walk through the tv week.

mon: brothers and sisters. good tv. we will miss you, boston legal! is 30 rock still on?
tues: we watched the last episode of season 1 mad men (on DVD) last night and then found ourselves with a whole night of NOTHING before possibly one of the best shows on tv: lipstick jungle. tuesday is the best and worst night on tv. acceptable, in view of the fact nothing is on: 10 years younger in 10 days. freddy kruger in a red dress is painful but it’s so horrible to watch it at least gets your heart rate going. lipstick jungle deserves it’s own post for this season.
wed: criminal minds. the gube. enough said. family guy, if you can stay awake.
thurs: Q & A. amazing.
fri: please don’t watch tv.

oh, and neighbours every night, of course.

so far, prime time free to air is just not cutting it.

suggestions for improvement of tv: maybe lipstick jungle at 8.30pm on tuesday? mad men magically on our tv whenever we turn it on? new true blood directly to australian free to air? new weeds?

i don’t think i will stop watching tv, but it would be nice if there was something better going on.

thoughts? comments?