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breaking news: alcohol + sleep = muddled head

i’ve reached the stage in my life when i cannot, FOR THE LIFE OF ME differentiate between dream and reality in certain situations. i have been walking around all morning with a pressing weight on my shoulders, as if i have some unfinished business, or am in the throes of an unresolved conflict. there is something niggling at me that i just can’t quite place. i searched my brain for all possible causes of said niggle.
dreams and reality are seriously bleeding into each other: i know that gene hackman slicing off a sleeping man’s right testicle was a dream (at least i hope it was), but was the conversation about cutting a new line into my hand to create a new dimension of meaning (in palmistry speak) real? i have a cut on my hand, but that doesn’t mean anything. it could simply be the trigger of the dream. did i even have a conversation about palmistry last night? i think i did. my dream terrain is already plenty rocky without the aid of alcohol. my mind is a minefield of confusion and this shit is about to blow. someone get me a contract to write “Transformers 3”, stat. i am on a roll.

ow, my head.


I’m an Asian psychic!!!

Ok so I found out this morning that my friend from work gave birth last night to a healthy baby girl. First up: congrats and whoo hooo! Second up: I AM PSYCHIC! Before she left she went round getting people’s hit predictions on when the baby would be born. It was actually due in 2 weeks or so. I picked yesterday after consulting my Japanese diary and seeing the kanjis for “friend” and “pull/cut” on it. Not sure what the combo means in reality but my super-attuned brain deciphered it to mean: my friend is leaving me for a baby (you know, which is pushed and pulled out and the umbilical cord eventually cut). Admittedly I picked “boy” but I’d begun to get fuzzy on this, and dreamt that she brought the baby to the pub and it was wearing a girly red Asian head-wrap.

So I feel like kingshit today.

My services can be hired by the hour, simply call 1800-AZN-PZYKIK.

P.S. I also dreamt recently about schoolboys the night before Sophie got asked out by one. Coinkydinky? I think not!

P.P.S. It wasn’t a rude dream.