dear dream journal

dear dream journal,

last night i had a dream that a BRAND NEW Coles appeared amongst the drab assortment of shops down the end of our street. it was magical. four levels, open 24 hours, bright white floors and fluoro lighting. heaven had torn off a limb and dropped it onto percival rd. i set about collecting the things i needed and putting them in my basket. i only had a short amount of time to do my shopping because i had to be at my baton-twirling class at 6am. i scurried around, choosing my bananas and yoghurt and assorted goods. suddenly, my sister was in front of me, asking me to help choose a good couple of cardboard boxes from the box cage (like we used to do when we were kids, in franklins. the boxes were the best part of grocery shopping).the distraction threw me and i looked down and suddenly all the things i had SO carefully selected were nowhere to be seen! i retraced my steps. i found a mandarin on a stack of beautifully arranged tissue boxes, a banana next to the toothpastes. but this Coles was far too big and labyrinthine for me to comprehensively retrace and re-collect all my precious goods. i was distraught. then i woke up. it was the first day of winter.

dream journal, what could all this mean? what is my sleeping brain trying to express to my waking self? that my latent desire to baton-twirl is causing me to rush through LIFE (obviously represented by Coles in this dream)? that my sister is a distraction and must be destroyed? that i need to petition Albanese to get a Coles into Stanmore, stat? alas, dream journal: i may never know.

the mysteries of my mind are deep and innumerable.


3 responses to “dear dream journal

  1. I’m pretty sure Freud treated this extensively in his lesser-known work, ‘The Psychopathology of a Cheerleader’s Life’.

    The baton is without doubt a de facto phallus.

    You must kill your sister and marry your toothpaste.

  2. dear lucy
    To dream that you are in a market, represents some emotional of physical need that you are currently lacking in your life. You may be in need of nurturance and some fulfillment. Consider the specific items that you are shopping for. Alternatively, the market signifies frugality.
    To see or throw a baton in your dream, represents your need for self expression and be noticed in a dramatic way. In particular to see a police baton, symbolizes male sexuality or power.
    To see a cardboard box in your dream, indicates a lack of protection against risk.
    To see your sister in your dream, symbolizes some aspect of your relationship with her, whether it one of sibling rivalry, caring, protectiveness, etc. Your sister may draw attention to your family role and sense of belonging. It may also serve to remind you that someone in your waking life has characteristics similar to your sister. Alternatively, your sister may be a metaphor to refer to a nun. In this case, she may represent spiritual issues.

  3. Your subconscious mind is telling you that you must live life and enjoy what you used to enjoy (box picking) despite all the current pressures of life (baton twirling, disappearing merchandise, maze-like store). Otherwise you run the risk of losing precious bits of you.

    And on that note. Please visit my dream journal too! http://

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