Inside Boeing’s Answer to the Airbus A380… and Racism.

So. Former Telstra Chief Executive Sol Trujillo’s come out today saying that Australia is ‘a racist parochial backlot where people have toes for fingers’* in response to K’Ray’s HILARIANT 1-word reaction to his departure from our golden, sea-girten soils: ‘Adios’.

(What Sol? It’s not OUR FAULT you’re constantly wearing a poncho made of tequila-glazed fajitas and saying ‘Ai-yai-yai!’.)



Fat wogs and skinny wogs aside, I have a feeling racism may be losing its shine; it just isn’t quite the el Dorado we all thought it was in the nineties when I sold everything I owned to buy shares in it and probably retire, gold-plated and tremendously obese, at 35 (fortunately everything I owned in the nineties was a case of $3 dollar Chardonnay from my mum’s cupboard and a pan-flute – so no great loss, but still. I could no longer tour the world with my spicy Celtic covers of classic rock songs like ‘Thunderstruck’, and UB40’s ‘Red, Red, Wine’).


It’s reassuring, then, that Boeing’s come up with such a reassuringly reassuring answer to the age-old question of whether or not it really don’t matter if you’re black or white: grey people.

grey people

Cultivated, courteous and infinitely fond of decorative fruit, these gun-metal Gorgons cruise the skies in a happy haze of lounge-music and leather interiors. There are no wars here; no land to fight over; no cousins to sleep with and get involved in a fictionalised-Kings-Cross-Shooting-that-actually-happened over.

It’s all a dream of self-referential post-modern artworks and spiral staircases; the clouds forming mirrors to pingback mighty, mighty dun-coloured glory. Cinerous, isabel, pearl or griseous, whichever way you look at it the future is grey.

grey3     grey4  grey1   grey 1   grey cloud


* Quote MAY have been SLIGHTLY amended.


One response to “Inside Boeing’s Answer to the Airbus A380… and Racism.

  1. Whichever of you three wrote this, you are a genius.

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