haus ov duum’s guide to spotting a pilgrim

so, you’ve found yourself in sydney during world youth day week. are you a pilgrim?

here are five tell-tale signs you ARE:

1. you’re american. or adelaidean. or mauritian.

2. you’re wearing one of these bad boys:

this particular model is described as a ‘relaxed fit navy washed cap’. which i think is actually the merchandiser’s attempt at humour, as your average pilgrim is neither relaxed nor washed.

3. you are constantly airborne:

4. you are IN MY WAY!

5. you are holding a camera and a map, wearing a backpack and generally looking lost, yet filled with the spirit of christ, or somesuch. i know that sounds like a generic description of a backpacker. here is the difference:

a. a backpacker:

b. a pilgrim:

didn’t quite get that? let’s try another.

a. a backpacker:

b. a pilgrim:

why don’t you try this for yourself on the streets of sydney? take your camera out with you this weekend and capture the pilgrims in your little digital box! help them celebrate this glorious time by flashing your camera in their faces – they’ll love it! just like we LOVE playing host to them.

this has been a public service announcement from the haus ov duum.


3 responses to “haus ov duum’s guide to spotting a pilgrim

  1. well spotted.

    i still think we should have billetted some nuns.

    we could tempt them with promises of a coogee-style apparition in our wall-mould!

    they could clean our kitchen floor, to get next to some godliness!

    perhaps even exorcise the evil skull demon from the ancient jar!

  2. i didnt care about any of this until my train last night was filled with pilgrims singing…


    i dont care what you do at home, but please dont expose me to it, world youth dayians!

  3. awww. even though i was stuck in heinous traffic driving to work (mass exodus sodom & gomorrah stylee i think, as all the cars were pointing OUT of sydney), i still think they’re kinda sweet. with their puffy backpacks, ill-fitting shirts, and big flags reminding them which country they came from (isn’t nationalism sort of un-Christian?).
    anyway, now we know how Mecca feels EVERY DAY OF THE YEAR.

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