shove this in your mysterious zone

The entry of Mars into the most mysterious zone of the chart suggests that you may find greater pleasure than usual in your own company; doing something for your personal good; perhaps going to a spa or something so you can forget about having to ‘do’ for others and focus more on yourself. This is a good time for working through issues, problems and perhaps the best way is to join some sort of self-improvement course. AstroZone

that’s my fucking horoscope today. JOIN SOME SORT OF SELF-IMPROVEMENT COURSE?! who is “AstroZone” anyway? Anthony Robbins? i hate you AstroZone! today. tomorrow, if you promise me some ‘special time alone with James Spader’ (whatever that could mean?), i may love you again.



5 responses to “shove this in your mysterious zone

  1. Meanwhile:
    Mars hits your sign today at a run – there’s no holding his energy back and you will have to find many ways to channel this over the coming weeks. He increases your physical stamina, your energy, drive and metabolism. Be wary of trying to burn that proverbial candle at both ends. What you must do is avoid being unpredictable or overly critical with others as this will create negativity around you. ***You and your partner may encounter some awkward moments tonight. ***

    So which of you wants to be my partner tonight? For some awkward groping moments!

  2. i guess it will be sophie, during that great romance of our time, hamlet.

  3. haha! to be or not to be…my bitch!

    make me dinner! shine mine shoes!

  4. ps did you give good ‘view, lalaz?

  5. i always give good view. esp. when Im walking up the stairs in crotchless panties.

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