getting to know your weekly house guest…

In high school, I was voted as the person most likely to have a sitcom about their life. This title appeared in our yearbook. Incidentally, i don’t know who voted in this election, nor do i know who set the different categories for the voting. In fact, i suspect, these categories and thus titles were decided by the people who were responsible for and edited the yearbook, who were, I don’t think, my friends. This is something i look back on in my life with regret, i wish i had the foresight then to realise that i would, as a mid twenty something lady, regret not taking part in our year book. I don’t know what i did in my last year of high school, but very few of my memories are within the boundaries of Sydney Girls High. Which is odd, as i always fancied myself as quite a school nerd, as in, i liked school, as in, i don’t think i was that cool at high school, as in, i should have spent loads of time there. Which doesn’t really lend itself to the whole, ‘i can’t remember ever really doing anything at school.’ Which is true. And upsetting. ‘cos i really liked school.

Anyway, I digress.

As I worm my way through this turtle we call life, i am becoming increasingly more aware just how like a sitcom my life is.

I am constantly broke, despite having a high powered, high earning agency job. And despite having some really fancy clothes and accessories. And despite having an awesome apartment in the city, that is dressed with an eclectic array of modern and pre-loved furniture and expensive art. I am constantly in love, despite never having a boyfriend. And these stories of love oft end in stories of despair, or, alternatively stories of funnies. (Note: my definition of love is lame at best, think dante the video shop guy – which is a sitcom in itself, huh? huh?) I have a beautiful, hilariant, frightfully insular (no offence – it’s a good thing when we are actually this good) group of friends, many of whom i’ve known for 15 years. They all work in television, or film, or advertising, or journalism and we all like the odd beverage. We easily get up to and in turn, fix, something funny and morally reprehensible each week, documented by photos and gossip until the next weekend comes around. I have a true love that lives in London, who is undoubtedly the main reason i can never move on with my life in terms of a relationship, which ties in nicely with my life determination to move back to London – the one and only goal I have ever given myself. Bad things happen to me all the time, which are often so bad they are unbelievable and/or funny.

I have nice long hair.

Is this not the prelude to a script of ‘Grace and Friends’? ‘How I Met Will’s Mother’? ‘3 and ½ Newsreaders’?

Seeing all this in print, it really is a funny sitcom, forserious, not for funnies.

And true to all funny sitcoms, it’s not funny at all.



– Special Guest Star Awex


7 responses to “getting to know your weekly house guest…

  1. but what would the sitcom be CALLED?!
    ALEX written in handwriting, with an arty flourish beneath it?

    no matter what the name, i love it. and i would watch it religiously, and then post about you on this blog, where you’d also be posting, for more weird post-modern insularnessess.

    yay celebrity guest! this blog is so hi-flying! its like a Timbaland re-mix in words!

  2. or like a designer for target line!
    (you’re the designer, we’re target).

  3. I think we all agree that it should be called
    ‘No Proof that pregnant girls in Gloucester made a pact. Does it matter?’


  4. Three and a half newsreaders! Genius!

  5. i like the cut of your jib lucy/lalaz.


    when you walk on set, people will hoot.

  6. oafie, you can be the beautiful laydee that dreams to be a top dancer. and accidently/not accidently sleeps with my lover. (see: jack and jill)

  7. i think “Fathers Be Good To Your Daughters – HUMAN EVENTS” is a much more apt title for alex’s sitcom. wow, wordpress really knows how to match up similiar posts!

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