City Homicide Episode 15, we salute you


Ok, so I am aware that the heading of this post is remarkably similar to the heading of the post I wrote last week about Matthew Gray Gubler, which, I’ll admit, doth not bode well for the sustainability of this amazingly insightful piece of investigatory inter-kibble. But (and you may notice that, true to our nineties-child Clueless-ness, this is our answer to almost everything), whatevs! Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, and, well, I just really like myself. What do you want me to do, have an eating disorder???




Hmmm, pretty.


Ok, that was below the belt. But at least I have hips from which my belts can hang. (Or perch on, if they’re worn on the waist. Sorry. My propensity for self-qualification is very distracting.) Roflbbqlemonjuicewithcayennepepper!!!

Anyway, I digress from the Homicide homies, those Aussie cops of my waking televisual dreams. The first episode of the second series aired last night, and we at the palais were not disappointed. Channel 7 even engineered the arrest of an axe murderer so they could roll a news ticker across the program in moments of high drama, thereby simultaneously heightening the police reality AND cutting the cords of our disbelief’s suspension!! It was very distracting, but also… thrilling!

Last night’s pep-isode centred upon the fatal knifing of a mother and divorcee-to-be in a Melbourne alley-way at the back of a nightclub. It was more like gritty homicide, judging by the amount of graffiti EVERYWHERE… we’re talking seriously street, y’all! And don’t even get me started on the local colour addition of the bin-rummaging freegan who found the body! ‘The haves throw things out, and we’re the have-no who use them again, yeah?’ Or some such thing. Texture much!

Detective Jennifer (hot blonde Nadine Garner character) was so bemused. On that note, I’d like to draw your attention to this:





Hello? Could she be any sassier? I thought only Michelle Obama could rock that shade! (Haha! I just sort of mentioned politics, yo! We’re not the resolute low-bies you took us to be!)

The great thing about this drama is its universal appeal. I mean, to start with, most people have mothers, and think how many chefs and knife-sharpeners use knives, not to mention all the regular people who just like cooking and cutting themselves! So a stabbing mummy murder was well appropriate for getting the homi-ball rolling.

I read a review in SMH yesterday bewailing the show’s cheap sets and non-Underbelly-ness, but to this I say (you guessed it), ‘whatevs!’. It’s just a really well-paced down’n’dirty Aussie cop drama, and I honestly had NO IDEA that that helpful semi-hot junkie was going to turn out to be the other son adopted out at birth who banged his mother before topping her brutally. Come on, people! Do you not see the Greek mythistry of all this? The family concerned were even Greek Australians, with names like ‘Tolos’ and I-can’t-remember-any-of-the-others!

I’m pretty excited to see how this thing with the chief and his secretly tarty, long-haired, possible-affair having wife pans out. Does anyone else hope it all eventuates in a dirty office hook-up with Noni Hazlehust? I’d like to see them investigate one another well and proper.

That’s probably just me. I’ve not mentioned Daniel Macpherson’s nouveau-do and lack of last season’s new millennium jacket, but they really deserve a whole new post. A post called ‘Daniel Macpherson’s nouveau-do and lack of last season’s new millennium jacket’.


 – oafie


4 responses to “City Homicide Episode 15, we salute you

  1. wow. i totally had not thought about the GREEK mythologyness of it all! well, obvs i did, ‘cos he fucked his mum, but the fact that he is Greek! GENIUS. seriously. show me something that schmicky, underbelly! i dare ya!

  2. pepisode!

  3. i LOLed!

  4. i love you oafie for many things, but mainly for your love of aussie cop dramaz.

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