Shitstick Fungal vs. Pashmere Barfia

Well, I think this pic sums it up.




Even though blondie on the left appears to be wearing Sophie’s dreaded DRESS OVER PANTS combo, at least they didn’t all get vomited up by some Prom Monster, who had a bit too much vanity at the bonfire party. Plus, sixty million tequila chasers. Chased by more tequila. Leaving only the worms, in a vast echoey white space of BLAH.

At least the lassies at Pash-Barf obviously care about their careers, cos they’re willing to flash some leg, and also they fold their arms occasionally. Oh, and cos they actually live in the city, not in a white cardboard box. I can tell this cos there’s skyscrapers in the background, which means to me: 1. hard penises 2. elevators 3. city.  

The only exciting thing happening over at Shit-Fung, is that, possibly, Nico is pinching their butts (note the notable absence of her hands anywhere in the pic). I like Nico the best so far, even though she breathes heavier than an obese man breathing heavy.

Victory Wood is an embarrassment to Asians the world over. ASIANS HAVE STYLE! And generally not anuses for mouths! 

Meanwhile Brooke Shields (whatevs her name is in the show, whatevs), is, as Sophie already pointed out, clearly a man. Billowing blue shroud over groin area? Dead giveaway! I normally kinda like Brooke but she just ain’t bubblin’ for me this time.

 In conclusion: I miss thee, Pash-Barf. And I’d do the reverse if we ever did. You know, Pash.

 — lalaz












4 responses to “Shitstick Fungal vs. Pashmere Barfia

  1. Truedat.

    You’d be reversing your barf-throes so badly, you’d actually be trawling the streets for chunky wine-coloured spewsidue to lick up while touching yourself over the memory of that sweet, sweet, four-way tongue-tangle.

  2. I think you mean Victory Ford: Wood is actually a semi-acceptable character name, whereas Victory Ford has some sort of weird subtext that doesn’t actually mean anything. She is not even fully asian like Liu: she is Germasian! OHMYGOD. Her mother was a little Korean girl adopted into a German-Irish family : her mum and dad were raised as BROTHER AND SISTER. this explains the anus-mouth. vomit.

  3. wow. i can’t believe i got it so wrong. i even CAPsed it. i wonder where Wood came from? her wooden acting? the fact she more closely resembles a craft stick? or the cruel irony that she’ll never inspire any?
    thx 4 setting me straight rushii.

  4. are you not amazed that lindsay price is the spawn of a quasi-incestuous union???!!

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