jay-z is dope

Like, duh!

I know!

Anyway, he’s ultra-fly in my books today cos apparently he slam-dunked that Gallagher sucker at Glastonbury, who had the pasty-white-hide to say hip-hop wasn’t welcome – HELLO RACIST! – by doing a cover of Wonderwall. Followed by 99 Problems (and a bitch ain’t one, sorry Noel).


Down with white people and bowl cuts!


7 responses to “jay-z is dope

  1. Well said, lalaz.

    Long live da king!

    (Was it Liam or No-elle?)

  2. noel. feliz naviGAY!
    ps love your “it is happening, again” giant pic.

  3. I know – isn’t way our respective avatars reflect our personalities just uncanny?

    I’m amazingly tall, you’re a cartoon, and lucy’s covered in fur! It’s just incredible. We’re so incredibly quirky!

  4. how are my skulls covered in fur?
    is it not obvious what my picture is?
    hmm. it does kind of suck.

  5. covered in sugar?

  6. now i’m covered in leathery SOUL.
    or sole. depending which shoes you’re wearing.

  7. omigod this is such a freaking love in

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