I’m an Asian psychic!!!

Ok so I found out this morning that my friend from work gave birth last night to a healthy baby girl. First up: congrats and whoo hooo! Second up: I AM PSYCHIC! Before she left she went round getting people’s hit predictions on when the baby would be born. It was actually due in 2 weeks or so. I picked yesterday after consulting my Japanese diary and seeing the kanjis for “friend” and “pull/cut” on it. Not sure what the combo means in reality but my super-attuned brain deciphered it to mean: my friend is leaving me for a baby (you know, which is pushed and pulled out and the umbilical cord eventually cut). Admittedly I picked “boy” but I’d begun to get fuzzy on this, and dreamt that she brought the baby to the pub and it was wearing a girly red Asian head-wrap.

So I feel like kingshit today.

My services can be hired by the hour, simply call 1800-AZN-PZYKIK.

P.S. I also dreamt recently about schoolboys the night before Sophie got asked out by one. Coinkydinky? I think not!

P.P.S. It wasn’t a rude dream.


8 responses to “I’m an Asian psychic!!!

  1. you are amazing.
    maybe you’re just about to get a big, fat, smelly ex-rocker boyf.?

  2. oh yes, i am testing comments after i changed the time zone. what’s it to you?

  3. i honest to god hope so. and they weren’t SMELLY. although as long as it’s normal manly BO i can cope wid dat.
    ps we need to each have separate sign-in profiles so we know who is writing what. have you set yours up? im too lazy to figure out how, can you tell me pls?

  4. I’d like to quote Siri Hustvedt and say ‘I agree’.

  5. this technology shit is gay!

  6. well, at least my lil pic worked!

  7. mine is not! i totally changed it!

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