Just a morning quickie

To get me started.

Two awesome articles on Sydney Morning Herald this morning deserves everyone’s attention.

1. Nelson Mandela and the Queen have a mutual perve.

2. Mrs Tommy Lee, aka the Yoko Ono of Motley Crue, aka Pammy Anny, is gonna go on Big Brother! And I quote: “The Playboy bunny, actress and serial-marriage offender will appear in two episodes in the Gold Coast compound, a two-hour special on July 9 and a one-hour show on July 10.” Hazaaa! She is apparently touring Australia to promote a chocolate snack. I could go somewhere gross with that, involving Tommy Lee’s massive wang, a cushy doona, and some backdoor action (oh and a little champagne). Too far!

3. Speaking of, my starsign blows.

— lala


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